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Standards Testing Laboratories, Inc. (STL), located in Massillon, Ohio, was founded by R.L. "Dick" Fuller in 1971. The company began as an independent laboratory with one four position roadwheel machine, operating out of a trailer office next door to the Fabricated Machines Company.

By 1975, eight four-position machines operated at STL. Today, more than 100 test positions run, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, and the laboratory has grown to four testing divisions located on a 10 acre complex of offices and testing facilities.

STL now operates the world's largest independent dynamic testing facility for tires, wheels and related automotive components, providing the rubber and automotive industries with dynamic laboratory testing, static and physical testing, fleet testing, test machines, specialized photographic and video services and consulting services on such matters as product liability and vehicle handling.

The company's roots were established in the development and manufacture of evaluation equipment for the automotive industry in compliance to the federally mandated regulations established in the late 60's and early 70's. A logical and planned progression from manufacturing to product testing provided the connection and entry in the automotive evaluation market.

As early as 1980, STL was providing the tire and automotive industry with a wide range of dynamic vehicle data acquisition. In its long history of testing experience, STL has satisfied a multitude of demanding customers not only with standardized product tests, but also with development of special tests to meet individual needs. Some of these customers have included GM, Ford, Chrysler, Alcoa, ECE, DOT and NASA.

STL continues to meet the needs of its customers for accurate, high-quality testing, fast response and professional consulting through any of its four divisions.

STL's Machinery Division designs and produces machinery, instrumentation and computerized controls for testing tires and wheels, and also modifies, reconditions, and performs field service and calibration for machines in the field.

In its Dynamic and Physical TESTING Laboratory, STL provides complete evaluation of tires, wheels and vehicle components through a variety of durability and performance tests.

The TTI/STL transportation testing division, headquartered in San Angelo, Texas, is involved in vehicle fleet testing and tire traction. This division tests complete vehicles, individual components and component systems in actual operation on public roadways, test tracks and other off-highway facilities.