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Tire and Wheel Testing

At STL TESTING, we've been on a tough road, operating the largest independent tire testing laboratory in the world for more than 25 years. In that time, we have served the automotive, aerospace and rubber industries worldwide, utilizing more than 100 test positions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

STL testing facilities are government and industry approved.

Headquartered in Massillon, Ohio, STL TESTING operates a dynamic testing laboratory and physical testing laboratory in Massillon, and a tire vehicle durability testing facility in San Angelo, Texas, as well as proving grounds in Uvalde, Texas and at Transportation Research Center in Ohio. STL testing facilities are government and industry approved.

Each of our facilities has the approval of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Safety Administration for the testing of tires, wheels and related components, and our laboratory testing procedures are approved by most of the domestic automotive manufacturers and their OEM components suppliers. Methods used are those specified by ASTM, DOT, SAE, ECE and SEMA.

Testing Facilities

Testing Experts

Our team of engineers, scientists and technicians have the knowledge and experience required to provide customers with high-quality testing results. Procedures used to test tires, wheels and components are closely monitored to ensure accuracy and integrity of data produced.

Testing Services

Tire and wheel evaluations include:

  • Fatigue and Dynamic Durability testing specified by DOT 109, 119 and 139. Weibull Analysis and other statistical methods are available.
  • High speed Durability testing(up to 230mph)
  • Rolling resistance testing Passenger, Medium Truck Spindle Force Method per SAE J-1269
  • Coast-down rolling resistance testing per SAE J-2452
  • X-ray and Shearography non-destructive analysis
  • Bead Unseat and Plunger Energy per SAE J-916c and DOT 109, 119 and 139
  • Load deflection and footprint evaluations
  • Dynamic Impact testing with cleated roadwheel.
    Wheel impact test by SAE, ISO and JASO methods. Nominal wheel diameters up to 16.5". Force and velocity requirements to GM requirements.
  • Belgian Block - Testing for wheel covers, rings and hub caps, as well as tire durability.
  • Salt spray - Salt spray ASTM B117 method.
  • Hydroburst Testing - Strength studies for tires and wheels.
  • Instron Studies - Rubber-to-cord adhesion, strength and elongation.
  •     Services previously provided by TransTech, including Tire Cutbacks and Tire Sections, are still available through our Tire Testing Services.

Tough Customers

In our years of testing experience, we have satisfied a multitude of demanding customers not only with standardized product tests, but also with development of special tests to meet individual needs. Some of our most demanding customers include: GM, Ford, Chrysler, Alcoa, ECE, DOT and others.

Visual Support

Our facilities also offer comprehensive in-house photography and video capabilities to record, validate, and certify testing activities. We can provide our clients with still photography, cinematography, video production, high-speed, underwater and aerial photography, microscopic photographic analysis, outrigger camera mounts on moving vehicles, film developing, and editing.

Test Us

For accurate, high quality testing, fast response, and a staff with a "can do" attitude, it's tough to beat STL TESTING. To find out how tough we are, call us today ( 1-800-833-8547 ) and receive a free video on our testing facilities and capabilities.