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Total Transportation Testing

At TTI/STL, Inc., we test complete, individual automotive components and component systems in actual operation on public roadways, test tracks and other off-highway facilities. From tires to transmissions, we test all aspects of vehicle components for numerous major automotive customers including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Goodyear, Continental General, Cooper, and Bridgestone/Firestone.



By using selected vehicles and specially designed testing equipment and facilities, our tire and vehicle dynamic studies can be developed to conform to the most exacting customer requirements. We also perform government standard tests including NHTSA, CFR 49 and UTQG.

Traction Truck
TTI Facility

Testing Locations

We operate fleets of test vehicles in several U.S. locations, including testing at our San Angelo, Texas tire vehicle durability facility. Others are tested at the Transportation Research Center in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, we conduct tread wear tests using various routes throughout several states including Texas, Ohio, California, and Michigan. Our fleets and test vehicles combine to cover over two million miles per year.

TTI Fleet Testing

Fleet Testing Services

Government Testing

  • Our Texas facilities were incorporated to perform UTQG testing including treadwear and traction which is performed on highways and tracks specified by the U.S. government.
  • Our Ohio facility specializes in non-standardized testing and research.
  • Our Texas facilities are approved by TARDEC (Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center) to conduct CATL (Cooperative Approved Tire List) tire wear tests.

Durability Testing

  • Vehicle durability testing, including components such as tires, fan belts, etc., is tested in Texas, Ohio and southern California.

Tire and Tire/Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Testing of tires and tire/vehicle dynamics is performed in Ohio and Texas and includes:

  • Multiple test routes that range from severe tire wearout in 20,000 miles to long mileage consumer wear.
  • Facilities to test wet and dry traction, salt bath, figure eight testing and off road testing.
  • Vehicle handling, ride asthetics, slalom testing, ABS braking systems, multi-axis G-force, and friction coefficients.
Testing Locations

Piggyback Testing

Beyond testing tires and related components, we also perform total vehicle durability studies for participating manufacturers of other automotive components. These "piggyback" tests are done on hundreds of our fleet vehicles to help save testing time and money for participants. Variables, such as speed and distance, are measured and automatically recorded so that each customer involved in the test receives complete documentation of testing for use in product development for verification of reliability and durability.

Testing Locations

Test Monitoring

For all our testing locations and facilities, we provide in-house photography and video capabilities to document, validate, and certify testing activities.